Dallas Walking Club Event – Sept 28th under the High Five


The Dallas Trekkers are hosting this event under the High Five.  The High Five Interchange in Dallas, Texas, is a massive five-level freeway interchange at the junction of two major highways; Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway and the Central Expressway. The High Five, with its decorative etchings on precast concrete, along with the visually appealing coloration can be regarded as an enormous work of public art.

The walk routes will be along the Cottonwood Trail, White Rock Creek trail, through interesting neighborhoods and, of course, under the High Five.

Start/Finish point and registration will be at Hamilton Park, 12225 Willowdell Dr, Dallas, TX

START TIME: 8:00-11:00 AM.  Must be finished by 2:00 PM.

This is a Volksmarching event and you need to register to get a start card. We request a $3.00 donation to help defray the cost of hosting the event.  There will be a 5K and 10K option.

Directions to Walk Location from Central Expressway (US-75) Northbound take Exit 8A Forest and turn right (east) onto Forest.  Southbound take Exit 20-20A Forest and turn left (east) onto Forest Lane.    From Forest Lane turn left at the first light (Schroeder), then take the first left on to Willowdell and follow the street with Hamilton Park on the left until you reach the Willie B. Johnson Rec Center. Turn right to get to the Rec Center parking lot. The start/finish table will be located at the back of the building. Restroom facilities will NOT be available at the Start Point. Please patronize local business on Forest for refreshments and use of their facilities before and after the walk.

If you are interested in collecting a stamp for doing this event there will be “New Walker Packets” for sale at the start. They cost $5.00 but they contain three walk coupons inside worth $3.00 each so it is a bargain.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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