Rio Cibolo Ranch 6k/11k Walking Event – Sat. 11/24/15


The LoneStar Walkers are hosting this event.  The Rio Cibolo Ranch is located 25-minutes East of downtown San Antonio. It is situated about 2 miles South of I-10 along the route the Spanish Conquistadors took as they moved westward during the sixteenth century. This route was later designated the Old Spanish Trail that stretches from Florida to California. Pets are NOT ALLOWED on Rio Cibolo Ranch property because of roaming cattle, wildlife and insurance requirements. The Rio Cibolo Ranch is a 130-acre authentic working long horn cattle ranch with a century old pecan orchard.

For the first time, these events are planned to take place solely on the ranch. A new walkway bridge has been build over Cibolo Creek and old trails and ranch roads that have been overgrown for years have been re-opened. Walkers will follow trails and walk along these roads that are on the back section of the ranch. There is tree cover and shade and in some parts you will walk alongside the peaceful flow of the creek that is flanked by rock walls in some places. A unique “wilderness” experience is in the offing.

You are NOT required to be a club member to participate.  Everyone is welcome to come and walk with us.  This is not a speed competition. You are encouraged to bring along your children and walk/talk and spend some time together enjoying the great outdoors.

To participate in either of these walking events you are required to register at the start.  Registration is anytime from 9 am – until Noon.  Finish by 3pm.  Registration costs a mere $3.00. You will carry a start card with you and at the checkpoints your card will be marked.

Start/Finish point and registration:  Zuehl’s Hall @ Rio Cibolo Ranch, 1101 Ulrich Road, Marion, Texas 78124-6529. (Marion is a USPS postal address ONLY).

START TIME: 8am – 11am   Walkers must be off trails by 2 p.m.

When you finish (anytime before 2:30 p.m.) you turn in your start card. If you are an official Volkssporter and have an Event and/or Distance Record Book you will receive a stamp in your record books.


If you do not as yet have an AVA record book, they will be for sale at the start/finish. Just ask for a new walker’s packet. The packet is $5.00 but it contains three coupons for free registration ($9.00 value) as well as both an Event and a Distance book.

Directions to Walk Location:   EASTBOUND on I-10 from San Antonio, TX and points West. Take Exit-593, Trainer Hale RD/FM-2538. Turn RIGHT on Trainer Hale RD at Exxon Station and go 1.6mi. Turn LEFT onto Gin RD (note Rio Cibolo Ranch sign on the right). Go 1.7 mi and turn RIGHT onto Ulrich RD. Go to first entrance to Rio Cibolo Ranch (T-intersection) and go LEFT into RCR.

WESTBOUND on I-10 from Seguin, TX and points East and North. Take Exit-597, Santa Clara RD and swing LEFT crossing on bridge over I-10. At STOP sign go RIGHT for 0.9mi to Gin RD. Turn RIGHT and go 1.8mi to Ulrich RD. Turn LEFT and go to the first entrance to Rio Cibolo Ranch (T-intersection) and go LEFT into RCR.

Hope to see you there.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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