I’m going on a Volksmarch!

There are 32 Walking Clubs in Texas that host AVA sanctioned volksmarches.  What is a volksmarch you ask, well it is the sport of walking.  Visit the short youtube video, it explains it best.  Although it was made by clubs in Colorado and Washington/Oregon the facts apply to us here in Texas also.  The AVA has volksmarches in all 50 states so where ever you go, you can take a tour and see things off the beaten path so to speak. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hISCd4v-ng

Now that you know what we do I will tell you about the clubs here in Texas.  My header shows a few of our club logos.  Actually the Turtle club has disbanded, after thirty years of hosting events they retired.  I am now a member of the Texas County Walkers,  Volkssportverein Fredrichsburg, and the Brazos Valley Trailblazers.

Our walking clubs are promoting fun, fitness, and friendship.  Go to http://www.ava.org/gen3/data/events_results.asp?StShortName=TX and find a volksmarch near you if you are in Texas.  Just change the last two letters for your state if you live elsewhere.  Hope you get outside and enjoy some great walks.

9 Responses to I’m going on a Volksmarch!

  1. Hello WalkTx!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and, in doing so, giving me a way to visit yours and learn about volksmarches. I love to walk and will have to check them out. Happy walking!

  2. roncorylus says:

    Thanks for filling me in as to what a volksmarch is. Good luck with your objective!

  3. Georgia Lady says:

    I did my first volksmarch while living in Germany. We earned metals or wall plates after the walk.

  4. Excellent! What a great way to see your state. 😉

  5. Kathie says:

    Very interesting, would love to join.

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